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Entoleter is a pioneer in the application of CentriMix technology in the pharmaceutical field and the chemical industry. Here, especially, it is vital that all parts of a compound be thoroughly blended. Mixing and blending of wet and dry ingredients through high intensity action provides homogeneous mixtures and blends and reduces processing time, while coloring agents and trace ingredients are thoroughly and uniformly dispersed.

Entoleter impact mills can reduce and uniformly mix components used in lawn care, detergent powders, and similar products. By varying the speed of the rotor, the size of the particles in the output can be increased or decreased.

Some customized uses of Entoleter machines include:

  • Specialty Mixing of multiple kinds of flour, spices, sugars, and other component ingredients such as cake mixes, and similar packaged goods
  • Eliminates nodules and agglomerates that may form in the standard mixing process
  • Size reduction of fibrous or leafy materials, providing greater uniformity in size of the components in any blended product

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